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Lisa Berry from Cheeky Little Prints

South West Business Woman wins Excellence in Customer Care Award for her Outstanding Customer Service

Lisa Berry, owner and founder of Cheeky Little Prints has won the Excellence in Customer Care Award 2020 for the outstanding customer service she delivers to pet owners.

The award was due to be presented Saturday 23rd May at the Mercure Gloucester, Bowden Hall Hotel, a black-tie event for parents and their children.  Sadly, the awards ceremony organised by the SMBN (Single Mums in Business Network) had to be postponed to Saturday 21st November due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

The in-person awards ceremony has now been replaced with an online prize evening due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Award winners will interact with a live event at 5pm Saturday 21st November and pick a numbered envelope.  Each envelope will contain a special prize that will be revealed to the winners at this live event. 

Lisa received a box labelled top-secret in the post to be opened on 21st October. The top-secret box was opened Live on Facebook at 9am 21st October.  Jake (10) was with Lisa when she opened the box and when he saw the trophy said, “Go Mummy!”.  Ollie (12) Lisa’s eldest son returned home from school later that day to see she had won the Excellence in Customer Care Award.  Both boys jumped up in the air with huge smiles on their faces and said, “We are so proud of you mum, you’re the best”.  Lisa says, “It brought tears to my eyes, running a business as a single mum can be very challenging at times and winning this award is a huge highlight in my journey, I am over the moon”.

Lisa Berry set up Cheeky Little Prints in April 2009 and has helped hundreds of pet owners keep a part of their pet with them wherever they go.  Capturing their fur baby’s unique paw print in stunning silver jewellery.  An ex veterinary nurse and with over 11 years’ experience designing and creating jewellery.  Lisa is well known for her high-quality silver paw print jewellery as well as the immense compassion she shows each and every pet owner she serves.

“Each piece of jewellery I create has its own special story and I am honoured to be able to capture such special memories for pet owners.”  Lisa goes on to say “Many pet owners come to me when their pet is very poorly, or they have just had to say goodbye.  I spend time listening and comforting them, I know how it feels to lose your best friend and I know how important it is to be heard.” 

The online prize evening will be attended by members and friends of the Single Mums in Business Network, an amazing supportive network founded by Julie Hawkins of KIH Products.  Julie struggled for years as a single mum to get her business the exposure it needed to be successful.  Julie is incredibly passionate about helping all single mums grow their business around raising their children.

Lisa is celebrating winning the award by offering free shipping on everything until 25th October. 

Find out more about Cheeky Little Prints by clicking here!

Cheeky Little Prints

Cheeky Little Prints

Cheeky Little Prints are a jewellery company helping pet owners keep a part of their pet with them wherever they go.

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