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Recipe: Octopus Ragu with Squid Ink Bread

Aqua Bath have created a new dish to their site, Octopus Ragu with Squid Ink Bread and have let you all know the secret behind how they create it!



Ingredients to create the Octopus

60g octopus (kingfisher)

40g chorizo

50g butter beans

10g garlic butter

150ml Pomodoro

2g chilli

2g chopped parsley

1 slice of squid bread

Drizzle basil oil

Micro herbs

Rock salt

Octopus Method

1. In a pan heat your garlic butter.

2. Place you chorizo, squid, butter beans in a pan and cook out for 2-3 mins

3. Add you chili, chopped parsley and pomodoro and simmer for 2 min. season to taste.

4. Reduce until a nice consistency to stand in the middle of a starter plate,

5. Plate as shown in picture crumbling your squid ink crumb on top for a nice crunch then place crostini just off the centre of you octopus ragout

Squid ink bread ingredients

4 dough balls

100g squid ink

Zest of 4 limes


Squid in crostini method:

YIELD: 20 slices

Squid Ink Bread Method

1. Defrost the dough in a tub with the rest of the ingredients overnight

2. Line a gastronome tray with greaseproof

3. In the morning work the dough until all the ingredients are well mixed and place into the tray. In the shape of a load of bread

4. Cover with cling film and allow to prove

5. When the mix is above the edge of the tin it is ready

6. Put into a 160c oven and cook for around 26 minutes

7. When you remove the bread from the oven sprinkle with rock salt & cool

Squid ink bread crumb

1. Cube ¼ of loaf of squid bread like croutons

2. Roast like croutons 100c for 45 mins

3. Dry above oven for 2 hours

4. Crumble with fingers and store in speed rail for service

Aqua Bath


Aqua Bath is an Italian restaurant and bar set within a beautifully restored Arts & Crafts church house.

88 Walcot Street , Bath , Somerset , BA1 5BD

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