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TGt Meets...Liam, Chef at Aqua

Meet our latest TGt Meets...Liam, the food development chef at Aqua. He told us all about his passion for cooking and what it's like to work at the fantastic Italian restaurant Aqua.

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I am a currently living in bath with my better half Karolina, I have a great love for food and wine. My partner is also working in catering, which has led us to share the same dream of having our own small restaurant down in Devon were I was born and raised.

My hobbies include eating and drinking (obviously). I love to dine out and try new ideas and gain inspiration. I also enjoy camping, walking my dogs to explore new and exciting places and get out in nature. Furthermore, swimming, fishing, surfing basically all things related to a beach are a great outdoor activities for me.

I am currently food development chef at aqua restaurants. I really enjoy working for this company and have done for the past 9 years and hopefully many more. It’s wonderful to work for a place that shares my passion for great food and wine.

What started your passion for cooking? 

Like most chefs, I got caught in the wonders of flavours and creativity at a young age of 15, where I worked at a seaside restaurant in Devon. I was working alongside a Michelin star chef and other great chefs then just like that, I was hooked on cooking and learning new techniques and styles. I just wanted to learn and absorb everything from these great chefs.

What interested you in working at Aqua?

My main reason for working with aqua was its heart and soul, being independently run by the family means it is a very close and personal relationship with the owners Richard and Ben. I now work closely with Ben to produce new menus and to keep improving the already high standards, where every day is an adventure!

What's the biggest challenge you've had to face when being in the kitchen?

For me personally, this was when I was 21 being a head chef and managing staff, whilst keeping very high standards on food and cleanliness. For a young chef this was challenging and sometimes very stressful, but I stuck at it and that made me into the chef I am today.

What's your speciality/favourite thing to cook?

This is always changing, I have heard this question asked to many chefs and I haven’t heard a solid answer, I do love to cook with great fresh sea food creating new and interesting dishes.

How would you describe Bristol in 3 words...

Funky, Stylish, Trendy

What piece of advice would you give to someone who would love to pursue a career in cooking?

Be fully committed and don’t be flaky! It’s a tough gig and not one chef will tell you it’s easy but it’s certainly worth it in the long run, but make sure your in it for the long run! It’s not for everyone!

Aqua Bath


Aqua Bath is an Italian restaurant and bar set within a beautifully restored Arts & Crafts church house.

88 Walcot Street , Bath , Somerset , BA1 5BD

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