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Total Guide to Beauty: Summer Skin

Whether the weather is summer-y or not, it's better to be prepared. We spoke to beauty expert Claire Dore for a few tips on summer skin...

1. Moisturise

Use a good moisturiser, make sure it’s water based and absorbable, and safe, ie free of harmful chemicals.

2. Sun Protection

Slather on the sun cream – essential to help control the ageing process, minimum sun protection should be 15. Always re-apply after swimming too.

3. Remember Your Lips

Use lip balm – Important to protect your lips too, recommend you use factor 15.

4. Seasonal Make up

How about switching to a light tinted moisturiser to give you a glow without feling heavy, best to choose a mineral based product as super healthy for your skin too!

5. Fake It

Use a safe self tanner to get that glow without the harmful rays of the sun, as we all know the sun is the no 1 cause of ageing!

6. Let your Skin Breathe

Avoid petroleum based sun cream – this is the cause of prickly heat as the skin cannot breathe with these ingredients in your Skincare.

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