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Bath Lives - Sian Swift

Self confessed ?people person? Sian Swift chatted to TGtB about why working in the hospitality industry is the perfect platform for her! With years of experience under her belt, Sian is currently putting her sales and marketing expertise to the test at Guyers House Hotel.

Who has had the greatest impact on you as a business leader? Perhaps a mentor or a family member?

Actually there are two, my old drama teacher who put me on the right path, by introducing me to acting and gave me my first role as Kaa in the Jungle Book (I had to fall out of a tree and sing).  Also my boss at The Marlborough Tavern; Joe Cussens, I learnt a lot about hospitality marketing by watching how he successfully uses social media to create a sense of community with his customers.

What are your professional goals?

To stay in hospitality marketing because I love the buzz that I get from being a great sales person.

Where is your favorite place to eat in Bath?

That is so difficult! I love Hudson’s because it’s just brilliant, but I don’t seem to be able to eat steak anymore, so that’s a great shame! My other favourite is La Perla, wonderful, posh tapas and great service every time.

What do you think attracts business people to Bath?

Well that’s easy; it’s a simply gorgeous place to work and live, lots going on and a real buzz especially when the rugby’s on.  It’s a safe place to bring kids up too.                                             

Based on your own experiences, what advice would you give someone going into a leadership position?

Lead by example. Work really hard and consider others as much as you can and your team will hopefully emulate your standards.

How do you like to spend your time off?

I love to do all sorts of things really, holding dinner parties at home for friends, (I love to cook), theatre, cinema, travelling, eating, watching Bath play, watching golf on the telly and chatting! I’m brilliant at that because I’m Welsh!

Your phone book must be full of business contacts, but who is the most famous person in there?

Lots of retired rugby players I guess, my ex played for Bath a very long time ago.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

Bringing up my two lovely sons.  Both are now confident, successful men leading their own independent lives! One is in LA and the other is in Italy working on a Super Yacht.

Describe Bath in 3 Words...

Beautiful, majestic, fun!

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I used to be a TV presenter for BBC 2’s Rugby Special, I was also a waitress at Wagamamas Bath for 6 months which nearly killed me.

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Guyers Lane , Pickwick , Corsham , Wiltshire, SN13 0PS

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