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Are you looking for jobs in Bath? We're here to give you that vital leg-up if you are on the search for work and job vacancies in Bath from all sectors including admin jobs, sales and marketing jobs in Bath, to driving and industrial jobs in Bath. Recruitment Agencies in Bath are listed and some are on hand to offer you their advice.

We offer Q&A sessions with experts who will be able to tell you what employers really want, and how to show them you’ve got it.

And if you are an employer looking to recruit, then this is where you’ll find the best candidates for your vacancies.

All you need to do is browse our list of job vacancies below - they are all from Bath and the surrounding areas, so you won't get caught out finding that perfect job and then realising you have to travel 500 miles a day to get to work!

Despite the economic uncertainty, there are plenty of local job opportunities - start your new career today.

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