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How Do Employee Engagement Events Help Businesses?

Did you know that only half of people feel engaged with their work? Productivity is lower than ever but at the end of the day, it’s an internal business issue. If you want to make sure that your workforce is as engaged as possible then this guide will help to show you what steps you can take to try and motivate your team today, while creating two-way dialogue.

Creating A Sense of Togetherness

If your company has a large number of employees that are split over different premises or even branches then bringing people together creates a strong sense of unity. Enabling people to meet other people while establishing solid relationships helps to give a sense of mission and purpose. If you want to benefit yourself here, then exploring corporate challenge events is always worth it. Companies such as WeAreMassive have a community of young workers, so they can provide you with brand ambassadors, event managers and even hospital staff. They have also worked with brands such as Adidas and Nike as well.

Levelling Hierarchy

Events give people the chance to reach their team on an en-masse level. Honesty and transparency are key here if you want to have the biggest impact. It gives senior management

the chance to be much more accessible and it also allows them to have the biggest impact overall. They can see, and be heard, which is great, to say the least. Events give employees the opportunity to interact with those who may be higher up, and it allows them to feel as though they are on the same level.

Brand Values

Events are a fantastic way for you to assess your brand values. When it comes to Millennials or Gen Z, working for a business that aligns with their values is on their general list of priorities when working for a company. If you want to find out more about how you could boost your brand values or if you want some help when it comes to elevating your brand values then you can host an event. This will give your team the chance to feel the company that they work for, not to mention that it also helps them to relate to the brand.


Another huge factor when it comes to employee engagement would be respect for work-life balance. Annual company awards are a great way to give back to team members who are giving their all while motivating others to do the same. Organisations

that have employees have reported a large level of growth when adopting this approach. At the end of the year, you can host events to try and boost engagement while also rewarding those who have put in the work. The best thing about this is that you can use internal events to your advantage and you can also see a monumental improvement in the way that your team engages with your company.

Employee Retention

Another huge benefit of hosting events is that it helps with employee retention. When you host an event, you can feel confident knowing that your team is getting a break from work and that they are also being appreciated. This can work wonders for how long people decide to stay with your company, which is great, to say the least. A lot of the time, people don’t stay with a company because they don’t feel as though they are getting a lot of recognition. It’s not usually about the rate of pay at all, in fact, employees often feel as though they would rather take a pay hit and have internal events and teamwork support. If you can provide internal events that provide a good working atmosphere then this will help everyone to feel more at ease and part of the work-family you are trying to build. When it comes to employee retention, this can work wonders.


Did you know that you can boost your productivity quite a lot when it comes to employee engagement events? You would be surprised at how much this could help you overall. Even though you will be giving your team a break during the event, this can translate to them working way harder in the future, as they are being given the chance to socialise and relieve stress. You

can also encourage people to talk and collaborate during the event, which could lead to new ideas and a better working environment.

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