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Crypto Converter: What Does It Show?

Trading cryptocurrency is a good option for earning money online by buying and selling digital assets. That is a challenging thing - trading implies knowledge of strategies and the market and having skills to predict the future crypto price movement and take advantage of it. Let's talk about how to convert cryptocurrency?

Picking a Platform

Cryptocurrency exchanges are services providing trading tools and crypto pairs and charging fees in return. There are many such services on the Internet, but not all of them deserve trust. Let’s see the crucial things you should pay attention to when picking a crypto exchange:

  • Check out, does the crypto platform have a crypto converter calculator? With this tool, it is much easier to convert cryptocurrency. A calculator shows current crypto prices and calculates how many coins you need to buy another cryptocurrency, with the addition of transaction fees.
  • Reliability. Look for reputable and trusted crypto exchanges. Read reviews, and see what mechanism this or that exchange implements for protecting users' funds. See the way the exchange stores funds (online or offline).
  • Check out the fees. They vary from exchange to exchange. Some platforms (like Binance) charge different fees depending on the trading tools you use.
  • What is the trade volume of the exchange? That will mean how many transactions are made in a day.
  • Are there many crypto pairs supported?
  • Can you use fiat money to enter the market?

What is the Best Place to Convert Cryptocurrency?

We offer using the WhiteBIT platform - a young but reputable European exchange that supports all simple and advanced trading tools and offers over 400 pairs. The service makes it possible to buy crypto using your bank card. Registered clients reach all the advanced tools such as futures, margin, leverage, etc. The exchange has a large reserve fund and provides big leverage for traders. You can also take advantage of the WBT token and access numerous earning options it gives to its holders. When you buy WBT, you also receive discounts on transaction fees. WhiteBIT has a convenient crypto converter that offers current crypto rates and fees for your transaction.

Read more about the WhiteBIT exchange on its official website and blog.

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