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REVIEW: Westonbirt Summer 10km

The Westonbirt Summer 10km organised by DB Max is held at the School grounds and garden with two road loops around the estate. It is planned on a Friday evening to bring a community feel, with friends and family all welcome to view the beautiful grounds while they spectate and cheer on the runners.

This is my second event with DB Max and I’m so impressed with the organisation, facilities and volunteers I honestly can’t completely describe how well the events run mainly because everything is so well planned, set up and explained that you just relax and go into a flow with the other runners. 

This isn’t the most competitive event compared to other 10km races and I think that's the attraction with this event. I was happy to see many pacers running from 75, 65, 62, 60, 58, 55, 52, 50, 48, 45, 42, 40 and 38mins I followed the 38min to the start line and with only one other runner putting themself forward to that I was surprised but in an excited way. I run a lot and over the last 2 years have moved from a 47min 10km time to a 38min time so to see myself near the front was a daunting experience but chatting to the pacer and the eventual winner checking what time he was going for I did think all I have to do is have a good run and not mess it up somehow. 

The course leaves the grounds onto quiet roads around the estate and I only saw one single car during the whole run. We go past farming fields and enjoyed a sun lowering on our backs before coming back into the Westonbirt School grounds where a bit of a cross-country feel through the trees, pass the water features before going through the Spanish Garden which is spectacular with an abundance of colour. Then onto the drink station and back out for the second loop. 

As you return to the grounds from the second loop the finish is up sets of stairs, I know what you're thinking who puts a finish at the end of a race upstairs, but, it's fantastic with all the supporters getting great pictures and having lots of time to see the loved ones doing the final stages of the race. It's like Rocky Balboa in the Cotswolds. 

So clocking my time at 39.06 behind the winner and pacer I was very happy to pick up the usual medal, water and sweet treats while the crowd cheer home the other front runners. This was a genuinely great event and I look forward to the Lightening Run on Sunday 13th August near Chippenham which I will assume my normal position in the following pack. 

The results are on and pictures on the sites.

Review by Matt Gleed

DB Max: Race Timing & Multisport Events

DB Max: Race Timing & Multisport Events

DB Max provide race timing and multisport, running and cycling events.

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DB Max: Race Timing & Multisport Events
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