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Hanging Baskets - Prepare your Garden for Spring

We're hardly Bath's answer to Alan Titchmarsh but we do know a thing or two about gardening.

With Spring just around the corner it's time to start thinking about sprucing up your garden! Having the best garden in your neighbourhood can get a little bit competitive (yes we mean you, Dave from number 27) but it doesn't have to be too much hard work!

We couldn't think of an easier or better looking way to brighten up your garden than with addition of a hanging basket.

So, we've put together a step-by-step guide, telling you all about how to go about making one for yourself. Here goes:

1. Firstly it might seem a little obvious but you're going to need buy a hanging basket. They're not too hard to get your hands on and you should be able to purchase them from any good DIY stores and garden centres around Bath. Click here for full listings!

2. Ok, first things first: now that you've got your basket, soil and plants; place your basket on a bucket or flower pot to keep it stable. Next you're going to need to put the liner in the basket and fill it up half way with soil.

3. To keep your plants continuously fed and moist throughout the season you need to add moisture control gel and slow-release fertiliser to the soil.

4. Next gently push the roots of your chosen plants through the liner and root them into the soil - Continue like this around the edge of the basket until you reach the top. Make sure to add a little more soil on top of any exposed roots.

5. Now, plant your remaining flowers in the top of the basket; from experience we've learnt its best if you position one centrally and then plant the remainder evenly around the outside. Once complete, water well!

6. If you need to attach a bracket to the wall; mark the fixing holes in pencil and check they're vertical and in line with the help of a spirit level. We can't stress how important it is to drill into the brick, not the mortar!

7. Finally, insert the right-sized wall plugs for the holes and fix the bracket to the wall, once you've ensured it's completely stable, hang your basket up by the chain.

Things to Remember

You'd be surprised how heavy a hanging basket actually is, especially once it's been watered. So make sure the bracket holding up your hanging basket is securely attached to the wall. If you want, you can always raise or lower the basket by adding more or less chain.

Remember you're going to need to water your basket daily, and often twice a day during the warmer months. Hanging baskets dry out much more quickly than other potted plants, so be sure to keep a close eye if you want your plants to flourish!

Happy Planting!

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