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Proudly Sponsored by Better
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Advertising in Bath

Where former websites have taken your money and run, we're all about putting the control back into your hands - giving you an incomparable opportunity to pick and choose how you advertise and learn with us.



USE US... to promote your business exactly the way you want to, to learn more about how to connect with a relevant, local audience and for expert social media training and management.

TELL US... more about you and what's going on in your town, how we can make the most of your talents and expertise, and what you want to see on Total Guide to Bath.

FIND US... out and about with our fingers on the pulse, bridging the gap between business and lifestyle in Bath, and firmly on the cutting edge of modern media.

Whether you’re in lifestyle, business or entertainment, we’ve got your advertising in Bath covered!

With over 225,089 unique visitors per month on the Total Guide to sites and an engaged widespread demographic, we can help you push your message out to a relevant and targeted audience.

Whether you have a story you’d like to tell our audience about, would like your brand to appear on our sites, or would like to take advantage of our thousands of email subscribers and social media followers, our team can talk you through bespoke packages to suit your needs and budget.

With specialists across a wide range of industries, our team can help you create a definitive campaign tailored to your exact demographic and goals. 

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