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Bath BID Butt Bins Are The Next Step On The Road To Britain?s Cleanest City

Bath Business Improvement District (BID) will shortly have available a new range of Butt Bins which have been designed by a Bath city resident in liaison with Bath BID and Bath & North East Somerset Council.

Robin Davies, Chairman of Hampshire-based engineering company Good Directions Ltd, lives in Bath and is the Residents’ Representative for the Federation of Bath Residents Associations (FoBRA), which liaises closely with BID and BANES at monthly meetings. “The BID and BANES have been extremely successful in modernising the cleaning of Bath city centre,” explains Mr Davies. “However, at one meeting it was mentioned that the city needed a solution to the problem of micro-litter in Bath, mainly cigarette butts and chewing gum.

“I suggested that I could look at designing a solution, and after further consultation and advice from the street cleaning staff on the exact requirements they would like to see, I set about the task of developing ideas. Bath has very specific challenges, including how to install butt bins in the city conservation area, so there was a lot of external liaison required on how to overcome these challenges. It has taken a year to finalise the designs, which will be available in February, but we are very excited about the role they will play in meeting the set target of making Bath ‘Britain’s Cleanest City’.”

Numerous designs have been developed that can be free-standing or attached to posts and walls, and the suitably named Bath BID Butt Bins will be available at the next Bath BID liaison meeting. Suitable for shops, offices, pubs, restaurants et al, the new Butt Bins will be available for both BID members and other businesses throughout the city. Bath BID will install the bins free for BID members.

Speaking about the new bins, Andrew Cooper CEO of Bath BID said, “This is a fantastic example of the degree to which the city authorities, businesses and residents pull together and are focussed on the task of constant and ongoing improvement. We had a specific challenge to overcome, and put our heads together to develop our own solution from within the city. Once installed, the Bath BID Butt Bins should make a huge difference. Micro-waste is one of the remaining few obstacles left to making Bath ‘Britain’s Cleanest City’.

Following the successful implementation of the Butt Bins in Bath, Mr Davies is hoping the designs are rolled out to other BIDs and councils all over the UK, where they shall be known as the British Butt Bin. “It will be a testament to the Bath BID and the city that a solution designed to meet our own specific needs will become a nationwide solution.” said Mr. Cooper.

Businesses that are interested in ordering Bath BID Butt Bins should contact the Bath BID office at 01225 430640 or visit for more details.

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