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Jamie Martin's 2021 Business Growth & Plans

This month we're talking to business owners across the South West & the UK about their plans for growth and how they plan to consider their well being as we move through 2021. Today we're talking to Jamie Martin, managing director and founder of Correct Careers Coaching offering modern sales training and sales strategy. As well as helping streamline business sales strategy - enhancing a strategic approach to selling, resources, developing employees' sales skills.

April is here – how does this month fit into the ebb & flow of your year? 

My business plans are to maintain contact with existing clients for updates on their initiatives. As well as catch up with potential prospects I have corresponded with over the past few months (during lockdown).

What are you most looking forward to as the country tries to ‘open up’ – this can be business or personal?

I'm looking forward to  socialising with friends at the local restaurants and leisure facilities. 

What do you do personally to support your health and wellbeing - as April is Stress Awareness Month? 

Personally, I follow a morning routing:

The Miracle Morning (Hal Elrod) has six habits to improve your mental, physical, and emotional well-being:

1. Upon wake up be Silent and Mediate.
2. Affirmations – 2 sentences spoken aloud about what you want to accomplish today.
3. Visualization – Visualise your affirmations coming true or draw it on your motivation board!
4. Exercise – this could also be yoga or tai chi.
5. Reading – for me this would be business books.
6. Scribing – gratitude list or journaling. 

Do you see your product/service as one which supports the health and wellbeing of others such as your clients? 

My sales training programmes helps employees/businesses sell more products/services, generating more sales and revenue, thus relieving the stress of KPIs or targets. 

As the year goes on, will you take health and wellbeing more seriously going forward?

I take health and wellbeing very seriously at present, I will continue to maintain this way of thinking.

Have you got any big events - personal or business - you are preparing for later this year?

Being a guest speaker for the  Institute of Sales Management (ISM) event: ‘Converting on camera’ which is taking place later this year.

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