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Jamie Martin from Correct Careers Coaching - Summer Q&A 2021

Let's continue to celebrate the fantastic business owners we have in our region and beyond. Today we're talking to Jamie Martin who is managing director and founder of Correct Careers Coaching which offers modern sales training and sales strategy. He aims to help business owners improve gross sales (using sales team analysis, psychometrics, ICT used, materials & resources for selling, social media, etc).

JUNE is the first month of Summer – what will you be doing this summer in your business?

In June I have arranged catch up conversations with existing clients and new businesses I have been in contact with since Covid19. These conversation updates will be to discuss sales and social media training for their employees following returning to the office/work. 

What are your personal plans for summer activities if you feel happy to share? 

I am enjoying returning to swimming again. As well as walks planned for the dogs in different locations and certainly BBQs with friends and family.

June is National Smile Month. With that in mind, what things in your business make you smile? 

  • I smile when clients I work with achieve success/results
  • I smile when you build long lasting rapport with clients (especially those you had never corresponded with before)
  • I smile to be running my own business

Are there any things in business generally which make you ‘less smiley’?

Making difficult decisions in business when required.

June is often associated in nature with growth and abundance – what are your plans for growth in your business/organisation/role this year? 

My business had developed in the area of online training, where an e-learning sales training course was created. Similar types of online training are in my plans to approach a global audience and different sectors.

Other plans include growing my affiliate program. 

As we hit this mid point in 2021 and we’re still coming out of the pandemic – which one business has really supported or helped you over the last quarter? 

Nickel Design – Mike Land.

Mike has been supporting my business with brand and designing graphics for it.

Have you got any events planned for the coming months which you’d like to mention – where you and/or your business will take a leading role? 

In May, I was a guest speaker on a LinkedIn live show hosted from a business in Washington. I was also a guest trainer at a workshop hosted by a business community. I had been focusing on these events and will be looking to plan others moving forward.

Have you got any summer services or special offers you’d like to mention? 

Yes, my ‘Sales Psychology’ sales training programme:

The first three businesses to undergo this training with me personally via zoom will receive a 50% discount. The cost after discount being £35.00.

Quote: TGTSummer2021 

And finally: 

Stay positive and be productive!

For more information visit: 

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