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New week new, albeit a late addition to the blog series. Apologies for that! So now you have the basic equipment that you need to start recording your videos, let’s start talking about what we’re going to do with that footage.

Now I could get really, really in depth here about the software used to create videos but I’m going to only be talking about two different options and each one has a HUUUUUGGGEEEE amount of functions. So we’ll only scrape the surface of what each one can do, but there’s an incredible range of possibilities with each one. I would just also like to add here that these are my experiences with these and my opinions. Like with anything creative and content creation it is very much down to you and how you interact with the product and how it performs for your needs. So without further ado….


Final Cut Pro


This goes without saying; Apple make great products and Final Cut is no different. With an aesthetically pleasing UI and ease of use for the novice user Final Cut has potential to be great, but it never really hits the mark for me. For one, you have to have the cash to be able to spend outright and at £300 that’s another hefty cost for a business to soak up. It does contain many of the functions it’s main competitor has; I just found it very frustrating to use. As I mentioned in the introduction it does very much depend on your experience of other software on the market. If you’ve already had experience using any of the apps in the Adobe suite, well keep on reading…


Adobe Premiere Pro


My favourite video content creation application and my go to for daily video work. If you have experience using Photoshop or an Adobe suite application you will have the fortune of benefiting from many of the shortcuts and terminology inside the app being the same. This, for me, is crucial to my workflow. Not only that, there is tabs at the top which help immensely with my flow in particular as you work your way through shot selection, cutting and editing all the way through to colour and so much more. Not only does Premiere Pro benefit from great workflow capabilities, the tools are easy to access and the function of each one is clear from the outset.


Finally, one of the many advantages of this program is the pricing. At £20 a month Premiere Pro represents fantastic value. Yes, you may end up spending more in the long run but you will benefit from always having the most up-to-date software as updates are automatically added to a queue and updated as they get released by Adobe. So as you progress and maybe want to develop your content even further you will have all the functionality you need to do so!

Software is all about workflow and how you like to work. At the end of the day, if you’re creating video content on a regular basis then your laptop and editing software become an extension of you. You’ll spend a great deal of time in the app and drilling down your content into the best version of what it can be which is why finding an application that closely matches your workflow is crucial when choosing software to invest in. Balance that with what you’re willing to spend and I’m sure you’ll have a clear choice of what one is best for you. Both options also offer a free trial, so test them, try them, and see whether they work for you!


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