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October Half Term just got more exciting as Helen Lami brings a new opportunity for children in Somerset and beyond to be academically fulfilled with an Academic Camp experience!

Helen Lami, founder of Academic Camp, is teaming up with Queen’s College Taunton to deliver young people an opportunity for growth and enrichment this October Half Term running from Monday October 23 through to Friday November 2. Week One will offer Arts & Adventure Camp and Week Two Foodie & Halloween Camp. 

This global company allows young people to meet and learn from peers coming from all over the world. 

Helen comments: “For me, this is so important, as our world becomes increasingly global children need to be experienced with the nuances of communicating with people from different cultures”.   

Steps for inclusivity and accessibility are being made for the camp as this term the team are providing a £40 day pass for children to access the experiences Academic Camp has to offer. This price was achieved to match the average daily childcare costs during half-term breaks. 

This Camp is available to students aged 9 to 16 from within Taunton, Somerset, the UK and overseas and is taking place in Taunton, Somerset, at the Queens College Taunton Campus.

“This is such a great opportunity to make sure all children get the chance to be involved with education over the holidays. It is fantastic that we are able to offer an accessible means for education and activities during a time when many might feel a little lost.”

Helen describes how the camp provides many opportunities for young people:

“At the camp, young learners don't just acquire knowledge; they develop essential life skills such as communication, critical thinking, flexibility and teamwork. Workshops on public speaking, nutrition, survival skills, exploring nature, orienteering and the sheer joy of exploring performing arts, graffiti art, or embarking on exciting scavenger hunts are experiences that nurture confidence, creativity, and camaraderie”.

Academic Camp Holidays follow the half-term break of Queen’s College Taunton, meaning it is extremely likely many children’s half-term will fall within the dates the camp is being held. Therefore, will be accessible for state-school children who may have only one week off.

“We are truly invested in making our October Half Term Camp accessible to a wide range of students and offer them an enriching and empowering break”.

To book a spot visit or email [email protected]

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