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The Top Ten Reasons Your Team is Under Performing and Why ‘Team-Building’ is Not the Answer

We're very lucky to bring you a sneak-peek of one of South Cerney Outdoors' latest articles. Here are three out of the ten reasons why taking a different approach to 'Team Building' will set you up for success.

"Team-Building” - It’s one of those terms that elicits a variety of responses, from groans and grumbles to over boisterous excitement. But it’s also something that we are consistently told is necessary to help a team work more efficiently as a group towards a common objective.

If you are a leader or manager of a team that is under-performing, or maybe a team member that is frustrated at the constant pull in different directions, you may have already looked into how you can help make a difference and bring a band of individuals together to start pulling in the same direction.

So here are the Top Ten reasons why teams misfire and fail to realise their true potential and achieve their higher goals.

1. Lack of clear leadership, vision and direction
A high performing team needs strong leadership, vision and direction. If individuals are not shown an inspiring idea of where they are headed and what their individual contribution makes to the whole, they become disillusioned, directionless and frustrated. This is true of the simplest tasks and challenges to the long term epic challenges that you might be facing.

2. Inability to cope with or adapt to change
Change can come out of left-field when you are least expecting it. The ability to adapt, accept and overcome those challenges is key to the ongoing success of the team or project. How many times in your working world have you experienced redundancies, mergers, take-overs, restructures or on a more basic level, moving desks in an office can be enough to upset the applecart?

3. Team members not feeling listened to or engaged with the plan
We’ve all experienced teams with autocratic, dictatorial managers or leaders who see only their way as ‘the way’ and they don’t feel pleasant to work under. Well the same rings true if you do not give opportunity for all personalities in your team to contribute their ideas, concerns and unique insights on a project. Harness the unique points of view and your team and project outcome will be stronger for it.

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