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TGT Meets... Abigail Sinden from Thrings Solicitors

The latest to be a part of our TGt Meets series is Abigail Sinden, an associate Solicitor in the Commercial team at Thrings. Read on to learn what she has to say about her role at Thrings Solicitors!

Can you tell us about your role and some of the services you provide at Thrings Solicitors?

I’m an Associate Solicitor in the Commercial team here at Thrings. I help clients draft and review commercial contracts, such as for the supply of goods and services, distribution agreements and software agreements. I also am an e-commerce expert and assist clients with their websites, privacy policies and branding. My practice is really varied which is great.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

It sounds cheesy but one of my proudest personal achievements is actually qualifying as a solicitor.

A few moons ago now and before I got into law, I used to manage pubs. It was great fun and I learnt a lot but sadly I fell victim to a couple of scams., I was very young, a bit naïve and it was always on life’s “to do list” to do a degree and so I thought I would study law so I could learn more about legal rights. I returned to education when I was 27, graduated when I was 30, and finally qualified as a solicitor when I was 33 – almost a decade ago!

We noticed that you have a long list of expertise under your belt. Do you have a particular favourite that you love to support businesses with?

I’ve been involved in contract negotiations for all kinds of businesses, including some well-known household brands, and always feel a sense of achievement in just helping our clients get a deal done or reduce risk by putting the right terms in place.

But branding is what gets me out of bed every day! I specialise in intellectual property with a particular expertise in trade marks. Whether that’s helping to protect someone’s brand or logo by applying to register it as a trademark, drafting or negotiating sponsorship deals or influencer agreements or licensing of rights. It’s certainly appeals to the creative side of me.

Tell us about your favourite restaurant.

I admit I’m a foodie and so if you asked me again tomorrow, you’d get a different answer! However, there is a local farm shop in Wimborne in Dorset called ‘Aunt Fanny’s’ that I am particularly fond of. It’s a converted farm house which has the most bizarre décor and bric-a-brac such as teapots hanging on the wall, old pictures and bold and colourful accessories. Every time you go you spot something new! They offer home-cooked cakes, afternoon tea, and they make the best roast dinner that I have ever had (and that’s saying something because I love a pub Sunday lunch!).

When you’re not busy working, what do you love to do?

I have a ten-month-old Wetterhoun puppy called Ben who keeps me really busy, but very entertained. He’s also a bit of a celebrity because he was part of the first litter of that breed to be born in the UK and he was on the Alan Titchmarsh ‘Love Your Weekend” just before Christmas!

As a new Wetterhoun owner I am working with other owners to try and create awareness of the breed to try and increase numbers. There are only about 1,500 in the world as the breed was nearly wiped out in the Second World War.

I also love going out to restaurants and visiting new places with my other half Adrian. I also play netball socially, for fun and fitness mostly as I can’t say that I’m any good at it as I’m only 5’1”!

Find out more about Thrings here!

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