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The Power of Promotional Products

Did you know, “89% of people who receive a branded gift keep it for over a year”?! This means your brand is more likely to stay in their mind if you’re giving out marketing merchandise with your brand on it. Promotional products can sometimes be seen as a waste of money, when actually it’s a fantastic marketing strategy!

Here are our top 3 reasons why giving out marketing merchandise at events and conferences is important:

Increases brand awareness
Giving people a branded gift at an event will help build awareness of your brand as it’s something they can take away with them to remind them of your company later on. In fact, “89% of people keep a promotional product for over a year”. So, by simply putting your branding on a useful product which could mean that you’ll be at the forefront of their mind as they’ll be using your products. There’s also a potential for other people to see your branding on the promotional products through the recipient using them. If the branding attracts and sparks their interest they’ll more than likely ask questions and want to know more.

Increases sales
Every business' ultimate aim is to increase sales and with the help of branded promotional products, they can! Although increasing brand awareness is the main use of promotional products, branded merchandise with a clear call to action can also help increase sales. Giving branded promotional products away at events and conferences to prospects who are interested in your products or services will be a gentle reminder to contact you or purchase your products.

Increases customer loyalty
Everyone loves a freebie! And guess what, customers and prospects aren’t any different! By providing branded gifts at events it’s a great way to make them feel appreciated. By invoking the feeling of appreciation, they’ll be more likely to start buying your products or services when they’re needed in the future. In fact, according to a marketing survey, “64% of recipients who receive a promotional product feel a sense of loyalty.” So, if you aren’t aready, it may be wise to start giving away branded merchandise!

If you're looking for someone in or around Bath to order your branded merchandise from, check out our client C3 Marketing Limited!

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