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Threads – A great tool for branding and marketing and here’s why

Have you seen the latest new app to launch from Meta today? Yep Mark Zuckerberg has been busy and this time, he’s gone for a “friendly” alternative to Twitter. Let’s hope!

Initially I was hesitant in downloading the app but not one to miss out on the latest new thing in digital marketing … I’m glad I did!

The app, called “Threads”, is a text-based conversation app where we can publish posts up to 500 characters long, and include links, photos, and videos.

This takes me back to those early Twitter days when I was having genuine conversations as a PR and blogger circa 2006. Do you remember how that felt? Conversation, connection, and fun. It was a bit like casual and informal networking once a few glasses of wine had been poured. Everyone was much more relaxed.

If you’ve met me, then you will know that I harp on about businesses having those engaging conversations and those meaningful connections because as a brand, this is how you build the know, like, and trust factor with your audience. This app is music to my ears, a space for you to connect and have those engaging conversations about the topics that you care about.

What I really love is that this is directly linked to Instagram and so you don’t have to start from scratch and build your community. You are able to follow all the accounts that you already follow on Instagram with just one click and when they join Threads, the app will make sure you’re automatically following them. Step away from scrolling and hitting the ‘LIKE’ button because Threads is for you to get involved with the conversations.

You also have the power to control who can reply to your posts, enabling you to create a safe space for discussion. Brilliant!

My top tips for businesses …

  • Please don’t overthink it but that first post? Make sure your words hook your audience in. How about an interesting fact or even a question.
  • Remember that it’s not about you, it’s about your audience so make your content engaging by asking questions and for other peoples opinions.
  • Don’t share too much! Keep your posts short and to the point. Keep the conversation flowing because the minute you create long threads, you’re going to lose readers. The more people that engage with your thread, the more visibility it gets.
  • Make sure that your posts add value to your audiences feed. Look at providing solutions to their problem/pain point, sharing new insights or even give them a glimpse into behind the scenes of your business. You’ve heard that saying? People buy people.
  • Just because I have explained that it is a text-based app, please do use visuals now and again to break up the text and make your thread a little more engaging.
  • Manage your time. This app can see you lose hours in conversation so allocate time slots to your day to engage with your audience.

And finally, be careful what you say in other people’s threads because everyone can read your replies when they view your profile! Imagine how a potential customer would feel if they loved your soft play centre for their little one, only to read your reply to something that included swearing or moaning about the parents who come to your Centre. Always stay true to your brand.

And finally … Aldi are on there. The brand that comes across relatable in their online content. We’re here for that!

Written by Emma Collins

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