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Finding a Job in a Competitive Market

Finding a job to suit you in the competitive market can be like finding a needle in a haystack! That's why we've pulled together some top tips help you find a job in a competitive market.

We’ve enlisted the help of Karen Davison, Managing Director of C&D Group to help us help you with the following advice!

Top Tips for finding a job in a competitive market…

Adopt the right attitude and approach right from the start and coupled with hard work you can get back on track quickly.

Finding a job in a tough market place is made even harder as some 80% of jobs are not advertised extensively. It really can be “who you know”…so go out there make friends, influence people around you to assist you and expand your personal search for work. Attend job seminars, networking events, look at large blue chip company websites for current vacancies, tell anyone who will listen you are looking. It’s a full time job finding a new job so be prepared to work extremely hard!

There are several key points to remember whether writing an introduction letter, making a telephone call, writing that interview securing CV, or when meeting in person… Do your research, stand out in a positive way, be personable, speak clearly, be prepared, be succinct, smartly dressed and pay attention to every single detail:

  • Research your market place and invest time on job boards, such as TotalSwindon.com, reading newspaper adverts, recruitment agency websites and visit as many local recruiters as possible, collating every scrap of information and hint you can gain.
  • Stand out by elaborating on your key skills and experiences as screening software is often used to identify suitable candidates. Identifying key or buzz words used by employers that may be picked up in searches are crucial.
  • Be succinct by highlighting those aspects that match the employer’s desires, don’t let them go searching for what they need. If you’re the right candidate for the job, make it easy for them to select you.
  • Your CV must be current, relevant and free of any grammatical errors. It’s your best first impression and most often the route to interview. Review and revise your CV for every application, get a second opinion, proof read every single time, as this is your calling card, your chat up line, it’s your opportunity to grab someone’s attention and make them put your CV first.

Flexibility is vital; there may not be an opening in your dream job, so take a temporary job in the meantime. This is also a great way to build a good reputation with the agency and in turn persuade them to champion your applications.

Don’t be as picky in such a tough market place and give your all to something you are offered. It’s always easier to find a job whilst you are in a job! In today’s economic environment there are many more candidates chasing fewer jobs, so ensuring you get yourself noticed is absolutely imperative. With social media constantly live and current, post on Facebook, Twitter or Forums advertising your skills and availability every single day.


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