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Top 10 Tips to an Apprentice

Have you just started an apprenticeship, already in one or maybe even just considering it? Let us guide you on your apprenticeship journey with our top 10 tips...

1. Set clear goals and objectives for yourself. Just like starting anything new, there is a lot to take in and it's easy to get muddled up with different parts of the job. Make sure you have a good notebook or a handy diary at all times - you never know when you might need it! It's always best to write what you're thinking down in an ordered manner; this should stop the confusion! This way you can seperate ideas, thoughts and things to do into sections. You'll be the most organised person in the office!

2. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Always remember that this is all very new to you. An apprentice is someone who is doing a job whilst learning. So never be afraid to ask for help from your work colleagues or employer - that's what they're there for! No one can undertake a huge variety of tasks and get them all spot on straight away. If you forget something or need extra help in a certain area, your colleagues will be more than happy to help you understand!

3. Always keep a positive attitude. Employers love nothing more than an apprentice who can bring a positive, happy atmosphere to the office. Being upbeat and optimistic can also help keep your mind focused on doing good work, which again, your employer will be over the moon about!

4. Go the extra mile and get stuck in from the word go! Making a good impression on your work colleagues in your apprenticeship is essential, and the best way to do this is to get stuck in to the job straight away. Show your enthusiasm for the job and go out of your way to do something a little extra for someone, it definitely won't go unnoticed!

5. Organise your desk/work area. Ever heard the saying, tidy office, tidy mind? Well it might sound a bit cliché, but it's actually very true! Having a tidy work space is fantastic for keeping a focussed mind. Consider tidying out your draws too and keeping them tidy and ordered, as this will help too! Keeping everything in a certain place makes work life a lot more stress free. 

6. Become part of the team! Everyone loves a team player, so if you can be one of those in your apprenticeship then that's great! Always take your turn, even if it's just buying a pint of milk for the office or taking the bins out. Don't get stuck in the mindset of thinking you're 'just the apprentice' - you should be a part of the business as everyone else! If someone is struggling with workload, offer to take some off them! Being helpful in your team is a fantastic attribute to have. 

7. Organise your time. It's all well and good having an organised desk, but it's just as important to organise your time. This not only leads to a more stress-free apprenticeship life, but it allows you to know exactly where your day will go. Time management is also an impressive quality to have, so you'll definitely be in the good books there!

8. Believe in yourself and have confidence! Confidence is the key when it comes to undertaking new skills. By believing in your ability, it will allow you to take on more responsibility and show what you have learnt. By taking on new challenges and seeing the results, this will build your confidence and develop your career.

9. Be prepared to take advice and constructive criticism. As I mentioned in the number one tip, you are new to the role and it's highly likely you will get everything right to start with, so be prepared to take on constructive criticism or advice from your colleagues. Perhaps you're not doing something in the right way, or your colleague has a tip to speed a task up. Either way, learn to take it like an adult - not only does it show you're keen to learn but you might also learn some insiders about the job, bringing more experience!

10. Be yourself and enjoy it! There's nothing worse than putting up a false image of yourself to people you'll be working with, so just be yourself from the very off. Your employer chose you for a reason, so show that! Your apprenticeship is a new, exciting experience so get the most out of it as you can!

So there we have it, these are our Top 10 Tips to anyone perhaps thinking about applying for an apprenticeship, just beginning one or maybe already settled into one but looking for some tips! Have you got anymore we can add? Feel free to tweet us with them!

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