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Total Guide to Finding Your First Job After Education

Probably the most daunting leap you will ever take, that one where you move from playing at being an adult? to actually being one.

We all dream of being a grown up, making our own decisions, doing anything we want to, staying out until when ever we want to and eating whatever takes our fancy, without mum or dad in the background with that wonderful sound advice that we don’t realise is wonderful sound advice until we in fact become a parent ourselves.

I personally, remember it well, I had just finished my A level’s, I may add badly, and yet somehow I still felt totally invincible. “I’m off to London to work for Harrods” I said to mum safely, as I knew dad wanted to me to take the job I had been offered locally with Zurich.

I gave my romantic London adventure no further thought past the excitement phase, until…how on earth would I find a place to live, pay my deposit, get to London with all my stuff, let alone fund my first month until my pay cheque? Yes, you guessed it back to the parents…so my pseudo adulthood already backed up by mum and dad! Not that in those days I realised, let alone appreciated, their patience, unwavering support or seemingly limitless funds.

In fear of sounding trite, dare I make that suggestion that you talk your plans through with your parents, as they genuinely want what is best for you and will probably know what you can handle as teenagers, and have that never ending patience you will need to negotiate through those though life forming decisions. Then take the summer off as not only do you deserve it, but it’s likely to the only long, carefree holiday you will ever get chance to enjoy again.

Compile your CV diligently, even if it feels a little sparse, including all those moments of responsibility and leadership no matter how small. Include your sports, hobbies, baby-sitting duties, even if for your younger siblings, as well as demonstrate to an employer your future potential.

When you are starting out a personal covering letter outlining your personal qualities and how hard to are prepared to work, including further studying and additional duties as and when, will all impress a future employer, when they have so many ‘youngsters’ to choose from.

Standing out from the crowd is extremely important in today’s competitive job market and it is an approach that I have applied to many previous recruitment scenarios. When you are starting out it’s all about making the right decisions to begin with, then it’s all about preparation, passion and potential, the three Ps to success in the job market if you like.

Don’t be afraid to stand out, with your drive, enthusiasm and a proactive approach your first pay cheque will surely beckon…Good Luck!

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