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Transform your career with these guidance resources to help recognise your brilliance!

Craving to create a new career path? Seeking new opportunities within your current company? Needing to stand out from your competition within the job market?

Correct Careers Coaching has created guidance resources to help recognise your brilliance.

Resources include CV writing and cover letters, interview advice (video conferencing and telephone interviews), as well as preparing presentations.

Some example tips below:

CV Writing:

‘Include achievements to demonstrate the extra mile you would go for a company.’

Video Conference Interviews:

‘Positive body language and facial expressions… to continuously engage and build rapport with the interviewer.’

Presentation Guidance:

(This document used by candidates has a 22 out of 25 success rate)

‘Including graphs, statistics, diagrams, surveys, video clips, pictures also help to break up large volumes of text...’

Wanting fulfillment within your career?

For a copy of these full guidance documents and further career advice; contact Jamie on 07599 332178 or email Jamie@correctcareerscoaching.com

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