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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Apprentice

Thinking about hiring an apprentice? Apprenticeships allow people to earn whilst they learn - providing them with the knowledge they need, whilst getting that ever so valuable work experience! With university fees shooting through the roof, apprenticeships have become even more popular and they're only set to increase! These are just a few of the benefits for the apprentices, but what are the benefits for you, the employer?

Here at Total Tower’s we believe apprentices are a valuable part of the team, there's so many benefits and this is how they can help you:

Expand your team
Employing apprentices allows you to expand your team whilst keeping staff costs down. An apprentice is paid £3.30 an hour, whereas an adult on minimum wage is on £6.70. If you have senior members of staff they'll have more skills, knowledge and experience, and so they’ll be more likely to be on a much higher pay rate.

More productive workforce
Apprentices can help make your team more productive, by taking the administrative tasks away from more senior members of the team, they’ll be able to concentrate on more important tasks, such as looking after prospects and clients. In fact, “89% of apprentice employers say apprentices make their business more productive.”

Government funding
As the employer of an apprentice all you have to pay is their wage, whilst the government and training providers will fund and carry out the training of the apprentice. That means you’ll be saving money whilst also having free training for your apprentice.

Motivated workforce
Motivating your workforce and keeping every member of the team happy can be a difficult task. By hiring an apprentice you’ll be able to potentially increase motivation and satisfaction within the team. According to a survey, “88% of employs who hire an apprentice believe their Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.”

Simpler and cheaper recruitment
Apprenticeships will be done through a training provider of your choice and they’ll be able to help with the whole process. From finding an apprentice to meet your requirements, to recruiting them; customising a training programme to meet both your business needs and the apprentice’s needs, accessing funding and it doesn’t end there! They can provide a lot of support, it’s all about finding the right one.

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