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Baby Showers in Bath

Baby Showers in Bath

We know that a baby shower is a special time and must be done the right way, so if you know a mum-to-be and have taken the role of hosting their baby shower we know it can be stressful, but don't panic because with our baby showers in Swindon guide we are giving you all the tips and tricks on how to throw the best baby shower of the year.

Regardless of mum to be, grandma, auntie or friend, planning the event, each year baby showers become more creative with ways to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a child. 

The purpose of a baby shower is to 'shower' the mother-to-be with support and presents. Our baby showers in Swindon guide is here to help you throw the perfect baby shower with our top three ways;

1/ Spa afternoon

Having a relaxing baby shower is another great way where you can put mum-to-be first as well as giving the guests some time for pampering.

TGt Bath recommends:

2/ Games afternoon

When it comes to pregnancy, a games afternoon takes on a completely different form. Suggestions range from baby bingo, pin the dummy on the baby and baby food tasting.

It will certainly be a fantastic fun afternoon of entertainment, with lots of laughter!

3/ Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is the perfect tranquil celebration for a soon to be mum. With the introduction of delicious afternoon teas followed by a selection of deliciously filled sandwiches. Of course, you will all be spoiled for choice with a rich selection of mouth-watering sweet treats.

TGt Bath recommends:

4/ Beautiful Platters

Feeling sleepy? Don't fancy the stress of planning a baby shower? That's why The Grazing Company are here to help by offering their beautiful grazing platters that are utterly delicious and affordable. Their platters are packed with an array of savory and sweet products that are all produced locally. 

No stress involved, no planning required and lots of delicious food brought right to your home!

5/ Private dining experience

With the exciting new addition to your family coming soon, it's known that sleepless nights, feeding and nappy changes are about to take over your life. Therefore, the mum-to-be should be treated to a luxury dining experience where she can enjoy a private supper room with close family and friends.

Below are a few of our favourite private dining locations;

Abbey Hotel
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Bath College (Animated Ad)
Skydive Netheravon
Bath Rugby (Animated Ad)
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