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Total Guide to Bath's Sunsets
Total Guide to Bath's Sunsets

Best locations to watch a sunset in Bath

Watching the sunset at the end of the day has long been a treat for some and a daily and spiritual ritual for many. Some believe it’s a mood enhancer and no-one would argue against it being an Instagram enhancer!

What’s the science you ask? Basically, when we look at the sun in the evening, we often see red and orange. This is because the blue light that we see in the day has been scattered, leaving only the red light. Colour therapists say that red brings feelings of vitality into our lives, orange brings joy and happiness and yellow confidence and creativity. Whatever the reason, we are fans.

Sunsets can be enjoyed by just about anyone who has a view to the west, anywhere, every day of the year, (unless you live above or below the Arctic Circles). However, we are staying firmly in the glorious west country right now because, quite frankly you need go nowhere else!

The good news is that due to its hilly geography Bath provides the perfect backdrop for grabbing a front row seat at Mother Nature’s daily show. There may be a climb involved in accessing these views but remember the old adage, ‘no pain, no gain’?

Here’s our top 5 places to watch the sun set in Bath

Wade Brown’s Folly, known locally as Brown’s Folly

Brown's Folly is the tall building you can see when you head out of Bath towards Bradford-on-Avon that sits in Sally-in-the-Woods, the woods with a spooky tale to tell. But don’t be put off, it’s a beautiful wooded area which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and managed by Avon Wildlife Trust.

Access is off a VERY steep climb from Bathford Hill or a pleasant walk from the village of Monkton Farleigh, both serviced by local buses. There is a car park and it is an excellent dog walking area.

Head through the woods to Farleigh Rise to gain a view westwards, right across to the other side of Bath. Blissful.

Postcode: BA1 8EA

Kelston Round Hill

Kelston Round Hill has almost the opposite view to that from Brown’s Folly from beyond Weston to its east. This group of trees atop a mound shaped hill is recognisable along the Bath skyline and gives 360 degree views.

Gain access from Weston along part of the Cotswold Way or a short walk from the village of Kelston, park at The Old Crown. On clear days it is said that you can see the Severn Bridge. An idyllic sunset viewing place.

Nearest postcode: BA1 9AF

Solsbury Hill

Yes, the one from the Peter Gabriel song! Peter sang about seeing ‘the city lights’ in his 1977 classic song Solsbury Hill. If you want to drink in the majesty of Bath and guess at the building silhouettes then this is the location for you. It is in fact an Iron Age fort.

This is another steep climb out of the satellite village of Batheaston that is also frequented by several local bus services that run along London Road. The hill has a spherical plateau at the top, perfect for taking in a 360 view of the locale. A Bath legend.

Postcode: BA1 8EL

Bathwick Fields

Half way up Bathwick Hill, to the right cut between Georgian housing is Bathwick Fields. This forms part of the Bath Skyline Trail, a National Trust managed signposted walk taking in part of Bath’s infamous skyline. It comes highly recommended.

Bathwick Hill is a short walk from Pulteney Street and therefore our most accessible location. So if it’s a sunset postcard you need with a city backdrop this is the one.

Postcode: BA2 6EN

Bath Racecourse

The Bath Racecourse sat beyond Lansdown Hill provides another jaw-dropping place to catch the west country sunset. Grab a seat on the Cotswold Way by walking to the edge of this sports arena perimeter looking out towards Weston Kelston Round Hill.

Catch a bus or take the car as parking is ample, or if you like walking, the stomp from the centre is a hilly few miles that are ultimately totally worth it.

Postcode: BA1 9BU

We’d love to see your Bath sunset photos. Please tag us on @totalguidetobath

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