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Top 10 Student Tips for Passing your Theory

One of the first but ever defying obstacles when you are learning to drive is your Theory Test. Some people pass first time and some not until their tenth attempt.

Passing your theory is actually one of the most stress free things you'll ever have to do when driving and here are some tips on how to drive smoothly through the Exam.

1. Prepare

First of all you need to find the right revision material, if you don’t revise by using books then don’t go and buy one, there are plenty of alternatives such as computer programs and various websites.

2. Ask

Next always ask someone if you are unsure of something, ask your instructor, your parents anyone who has passed their test already.

3. Practise

Do as many practice tests you can, before my exam I completed around 20 practice tests and if you use a different one each time you cover most of the questions that could possible come up.

4. Use Apps

If you have a smart phone get some of the various revision apps on your phone, doing tests on the move always helps.

5. Test Yourself

Quiz yourself at every opportunity, when you’re walking down the road with your friends or in the car with your family, if you see a sign or road marking ask yourself what does it mean then check if you were right when you can.

6. Revise

For the Hazard perception test you can purchase software on your computer that simulates it just like the exam. This was the best way you can revise for this.

7. Keep an Eye Out

If you don’t have a computer always being aware when you are out in a car or on the bus etc helps. If you are watching your surroundings all the time and try to predict things before they happen then you will start to see hazards appear in front of your eyes.

8. Be Organised

Be prepared, know the time you have to be there, be early and organise your stuff to go the night before so you don’t have to waste time finding it in the morning.

9. Relax

Keep calm; there is no reason if you have followed the following tips that you should be even remotely worried about your exam. You would have made the best preparation you can.

10. Remember

Don’t give up, don’t be lazy and if you fail try and try again.

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