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What is the best mobile signal booster in the UK?

It can be a bit tricky to find a good mobile signal booster, not only because users are spoiled for choice in terms of options, but also jumping through hurdles involving legality. Yes, not all of them are lawful and that's why it is crucial to take your time in a quest for an effective one.

It also involves working with a reliable company that offers boosting services according to UCtel. With this said, let’s check some of the best examples of a good mobile signal booster in the UK. A reliable boosting device will significantly amplify the overall feel of your phone calls!

Main characteristics that distinguish a reliable booster

Signal amplification is a technology that has been created for one simple purpose: to take a spotty mobile connection and make it significantly more powerful. Its function is in its name but how can you pick out between an effective one and its opposite? The best mobile signal booster in the United Kingdom should have the following qualities:

1. Signal strength

With the number of mobile users always on the rise, the standards of signal quality proportionally increase. In the UK, there are 87 million active mobile devices and almost 112 million mobile active subscribers where nearly 98% of adults own a smartphone. Indeed, this high overload brings issues with connection. And a good mobile signal booster helps with signal-enhancing capacity and improves different areas, for example:

  • Call quality and speed of connection
  • Number of abruptly disconnected calls
  • Load/download speeds and more

2. Amplified coverage

A weak cellular network brings poor user experience. Therefore, a good mobile signal amplifier should always maintain optimal signal coverage. And because many people are constantly moving from place to place, a decent booster improves signal regardless of where their journey takes them.

3. Battery efficiency

Generally, mobile devices are constantly carrying out tasks in the background. These unnoticed calculations, however, require an energy source. As a rule, let's take as an example the battery work: the more complex the tasks are, the more battery power required to perform. It is a crucial aspect as poor cellular signal increases the strain on your phone’s power supply as it tries to find a better signal. With a mobile signal booster, you can actually reduce the workload and save power.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Poor network connection quickly depletes battery life. As a result of this, the regularity of charging your device will go up. With a good mobile signal booster, a better signal will lead to better battery life. Ultimately, this will lead to fewer charging periods making your energy management more cost effective.

5. Capacity

Many mobile device users can actually set up and configure an amplification device. But some productions do require an expert to aid with the setup and other processes that can help improve the capacity and provide ease-of-use. However, most come with a guide that aids users with the tips, set-up processes and more.

List of the efficient mobile signal boosters

With a better understanding of what makes a good cellular signal booster, we can identify some of the most useful and popular ones in the UK. Furthermore, from 2021 to 2026, the worldwide mobile signal booster market is predicted to develop at a CAR of over 13%. That means more options to choose from the competitors. So you can single one out to adopt for your personal use. Here are the best legal signal boosters today:

1. Cel-Fi Go X

To start our list, let's look at Cel-Fi Go X. It is by far one of the most recognised boosters in the United Kingdom. It is known for its versatility in accommodating not only 3G but up to 5G. 

It has the potential to enhance any mobile signal by 100db, which on its own can cover a surface area of no less than 1350 m². The following make up its main characteristics:

  • Applicable in environments known to compromise signal strength
  • Simple installation and comes with an app
  • Carriers are optional and interchangeable

2. Cel-Fi Prime

If amplifying your cell signal over smaller spaces is what you are searching for, then you can check and try the CelFi Prime solution. Mention, it is only available on either 3 and EE. Mobile devices using this booster can enhance the power of the signal by about 80 dB.

One of the best features is its ability to improve both 3G and 4G. This leads to better power efficiency due to less workload. It has also the next advantages as:

  • It is easy to incorporate into your system
  • It goes with a mobile application
  • It comes with special antennas to boost your signals

3. Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000

We've already looked at the mobile signal booster in the UK best adapted for less expansive spaces, covering a wide area in terms of places. Now let's look at another one that is well suited for larger surface areas, in this case, each unit can cover more than 4500m².

As a special digital solution, it has been created to provide up to 100 dB extra boost to a cellular signal. It has the following unique features:

  • It doesn't require constant onside monitoring
  • Coverage is provided by one carrier only
  • It is well-suited for bigger areas, such as business centers

4. Cel-Fi SOLO

This tool has made a lot of strides in the UK. It has the reputation of being one of the best signal boosters for any location that hosts offices. Performance enhancement takes place within a zone of no less than 1450m². This solution supplies an additional 100 dB to local signal strength.

Adding extra antennas is all it takes to maintain optimal signal strength especially if office space needs to expand. The following features perfectly sum it up:

  • Easy to set up and modify for clubs and schools as well
  • Comes with a simple design
  • Takes signal strength to new heights
  • Management is done remotely

Final thoughts

When it comes to mobile signal boosters in the UK, we have surely seen a wide list of popular options. And with more variables, it's easy to get carried away in finding the one for your requirements and location needs. As such, getting yourself familiar with some of the features of a good booster will put you on the right track.

Through the above steps, you can get to know how to judge the utility of any signal booster that comes your way. We have highlighted the United Kingdom's best boosters and, indeed, each has been developed with the best interests in mind for the customers.

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