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Car workshops: The dos for keeping safe

Car garages can be dangerous places to work. From complex machinery to moving vehicles, there are a lot of hazards that can cause serious harm. Ensuring your workplace is a safe place for your employees is paramount, so here are some tips to make sure you have it covered.

Do wear the correct safety gear 

Safety gear is important for keeping you and your employees safe. Items such as goggles, masks, ear defenders and gloves should be supplied to your mechanics where appropriate.  

Equally important is the maintenance of this safety gear. This is to ensure that it is functioning as it should to give your workers the highest level of protection. 

Do check your equipment 

As much as safety gear needs to be maintained, all the other equipment does too. You can employ the services of specialist companies who come out and make sure everything is in working order. Many will be able to service everything regularly to give you peace of mind.  

By keeping on top of the maintenance, you will reduce the chance of accidents that are caused by faulty or malfunctioning equipment. 

Do pick the correct insurance 

Many different types of insurance will benefit your business. SMART Repairs insurance is a modern way of keeping yourself protected from a number of different liabilities at once. For example, you can be covered for your premises, your customers’ cars whilst in your care and transit, and for tools.  

Employers’ liability insurance is also essential as it protects you if an employee is injured whilst on the job. Whatever insurance you choose to purchase, having it in place before an incident occurs is key.  

Do avoid distractions 

Whilst smartphones and personal technology have become permanently fixed in everyone’s daily lives, it is important to keep these distractions out of the workplace.  

Each piece of machinery requires complete concentration, as does the customer’s vehicle that is being worked on. If your attention were to slip, it is entirely likely that someone could get hurt or damage could occur to the car. Whilst insurance would help to financially protect you from this, you run the risk of having reputational damage as potential customers will not want a mechanic working on their car that is distracted.  

Do keep the workplace tidy 

Workspaces such as garages are full of potential hazards. Keeping your space clean and tidy is one way to mitigate that risk.  

Making sure that all tools and equipment are properly stored when not in use is a simple way to reduce trip hazards. It is also important to make sure your staff are fully trained in the procedures to follow in case of a spill, such as oil or fuel. Small measures such as these will lead to a safer workplace for everyone.  

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