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Shiny car paint - how to improve the appearance of your car on your own?

Degradation of car paint makes the shiny finish fade and reduces the resistance of the paint to damage caused by mechanical and chemical impurities that consequently lead to metal corrosion. When you polish the car paint, not only do you improve its appearance, but also apply a protective layer to the vehicle's surface. To achieve such effects, you do not necessarily need to use professional services. In this article, we will present several methods that you can use to polish your car at home.

Understanding the wear and tear of the car paint

Before you choose any of these methods, it is essential to understand the cause of car paint degradation. Contrary to popular belief, aging and harsh environmental conditions that definitely affect car paint are not the main factors that deteriorate the condition of the car's surface. In fact, the main culprit is the car owner who applies poor-quality chemicals and harsh tools for cleaning or uses automatic car washes.

Such a car treatment causes scratches and paint oxidation, which makes the car surface look dull as its ability to reflect the light is not the same as it used to be when the paint layer was perfectly smooth.

To solve the problem of dull paint, you can either remove the damaged layer or cover the imperfections. Find more at:

Polishing car paint

The most effective and long-lasting effect is achieved by car paint, which can be done mechanically or manually.

Mechanical removal of an oxidised paint layer requires special equipment and a set of special products, such as Cutting Compound, Polishing Compound, and Finishing Compound, offered by the professional Japanese brand Soft99.

While this method is very effective, it also requires time and space and can permanently destroy the paint by puncturing or burning it if the process is not done carefully.

Manual polishing will not give you the same spectacular effects as machine polishing, but it can still remove oxidation and minor imperfections to some degree. Manual polishing also takes a lot of time and effort.

Masking imperfections

Although covering imperfections is never as effective as removing the causes, it is worth a try, especially for car owners who do not have sufficient time and skills for polishing.

The simplest method available to car owners is the application of a Quick Detailer, a product with mild filling and concealing properties that can visually improve the condition of the paint.

Alternatively, you can cover the imperfections with all-in-one (AiO) products like Scratch Clear Wax from Soft99. These car cosmetics cleanse the paint and fill the micro-scratches at the same time. In addition, such products also form a protective layer.

The application of AiO products is much easier than polishing and usually takes no more than two hours, but it is not as effective as car paint polishing.

Finally, remember that a thorough manual car wash can significantly improve the appearance of your vehicle, especially if you do not wash it often.

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