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REVIEW: The Suzuki S-Cross Petrol Hybrid

Islington Motor Group on the outskirts of Bath asked if I wanted to drive their Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid for a few days to see what I think… and of course, the answer was a massive yes!

My focus was testing this as a good, spacious, modern, and eco-friendly family car. 

Room to boot?

Talking from experience, there is nothing worse than having a cheeky weekend getaway with the family or some friends but having to spend the journey covered in luggage, picnic gear, and tent pegs where they simply do not belong.

The S-Cross has such a spacious interior with room for everything and everyone (I tested this out by going on a beach day and everything comfortably fitted in the boot so there was no playing Tetris with luggage or buckets and spades. 

Don’t compromise on style

Who said a family car can't be stylish? Well, having been through the car buying process myself recently… apparently quite a few!

Luckily, I found the S-Cross was packed full of modern design features as well as being practical. From the sleek front grille to the snazzy alloy wheels, this car does not compromise on having a stylised look with clean lines and a highly recognisable profile. 

Smooth Sailing

Now, let's talk about the driving experience as I have test-driven more cars recently than I care to think about. The first thing I noticed about the S-Cross is how it’s such a smooth and comfortable ride regardless of the types of roads you’re driving on.

The mild petrol-hybrid engine offers impressive fuel efficiency (it charges while you drive so no need to plug in) but I really did notice the difference in fuel consumption or lack of due to the electric element of the car. Plus, the hybrid system is there to kick in when you need that extra boost of power (let’s be honest, that’s the fun bit of driving). There was no lag and it was nice knowing that there is that burst of power there for as and when you need it. 

Tech Heaven

The S-Cross is packed with all the bells and whistles a modern family could dream of (I find these mod cons so fun and help to make your time within the car so much more fun)

The touchscreen system, fully fitted with Apple Play / Android Auto is essential for me and something that the whole family uses. Have your phone safely displayed on the interior screen and be able to use and navigate apps such as Spotify, Google Maps, and WhatsApp with either the touch of the car's screen or your voice. 

Safety is obviously paramount when it comes to family cars, and the S-Cross doesn't disappoint here either. It comes equipped with a whole suite of safety features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and emergency braking. 

Final Thoughts

The Suzuki S-Cross Petrol Hybrid is a perfect example of a practical, stylish, affordable, and eco-friendly family car done right. It's got the space, style, and tech that every modern family needs. Whether you're off on a road trip, doing the school run, or just popping into town, the S-Cross will make every journey an enjoyable one.

Islington Motor Group has a wide range of Suzukis available on 0% finance and has just had the new 73 plates come into stock. 

Find out more about Suzuki Islington HERE!

Written by Laura Sophia Rose Bennett - @mamma.massive or 

Laura is a highly experienced Blogger, Copywriter, Content Creator, and Marketing Manager based on the outskirts of Bristol / North Somerset where she lives with her partner, daughter, and cats.

She has over a decades worth of experience within the world of social media, advertising, and marketing in both a corporate and freelance capacity having worked across a multitude of industries including music, construction, and leisure. She currently also runs her own successful blog / Instagram where she covers topics such as parenthood, lifestyle, and reviews of both products and places.

Laura applies a creative flair and strategy to whatever she does and has an extensive portfolio of creative work backed by data-driven results.



Motor Park, Canal Road, Trowbridge , Somerset, BA14 8RL

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