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Jodie Fraser

International Women's Day Special 2023 - Jodie Fraser

To celebrate International Women's Day, we interviewed some influential women to share with you all about why IWD is important to them.

What’s your name? Jodie Fraser 

What’s your profession? Managing Director in Residential Block Management 

What’s your business? Fraser Allen Estate Management 

Where is this business based? Cheltenham, Bristol and the West Midlands.   

If you have a team – do you have a gender mix? Are there challenges in achieving this? We are a proud team of women, of various ages, who all respect each other and work well together.  

What does #embracequity mean to you? To me, it means inclusion.To have a sense of belonging. It doesn’t matter about gender, race, or background. We should all be included.  

In which area do you support women? I support Women and Health because although my business does not directly work in the health sector, I have recently had a very serious health scare due to pneumonia, complicated by sepsis. I know firsthand how women try to do it all, at work, at home, trying to be there for everyone, and eventually burning out. I have been forced to take a good look at my own health, both physically and mentally.  
Which women have inspired you over the last year generally? Taz Thornton always inspires me. I have watched her journey for a few years, but the past year I have admired her even more. From the way she interacts with her clients, the content she shares and how well she looks after her loved ones. She is an inspiration to many.  

Which local women have inspired you in the last year? My colleague Alice Baker. When I was unwell at the end of last year, I couldn’t have asked for more from Alice. She was absolutely wonderful and I’ve watched her confidence grow every day. I’m very proud of her and her determination inspires me every day.  

What do you think are the biggest issues facing women this year and beyond? The lack of flexible working affects so many people, but especially women who have children. One in two women have their flexible working request denied by the companies they work for, which forces women to leave the work place. There should be a way for women to work flexibly around their job and caring commitments. It’s the best way to keep women in the workplace and close the gender pay gap.  

Why do you think it's important to have an International Women's Day? Women are still not on a level playing field, and until we are we must continue to raise awareness with days like this. 


For more information on Jodie Fraser visit www.fraserallenem.co.uk

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