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Caroline Peyton

Nutritional therapist launches 14-day online menopause programme

Caroline Peyton, the qualified nutritional therapist and naturopath behind Peyton Principles, is launching a 14-day online Menopause Programme on March 28.

Caroline has run clinics in Swindon (Old Town) and the Cotswolds for more than ten years and is one of the UK’s most respected nutritional therapists. She is a specialist in gut health and supporting women in peri-menopause and menopause around nutrition. 

The programme, which takes a 360 degree naturopathic approach to health, is aimed at anyone who wants to take back control of their hormones to beat the menopause and feel great. 

 “You don’t need to feel drained, exhausted and flat. You don’t need to suffer with poor sleep, foggy brain and endless hot sweats,” Caroline said. 

“You can live your best life during this period, which every woman goes through, by looking at what you eat, when you eat, what you drink and make simple lifestyle changes to make your 40s and 50s a wonderful time of your life.” 

The British Menopause Society (BMS) says many women over the age of 45 are significantly affected by the menopause and, with the additional stress some women may be under caused by Covid19, the impact of the menopause should not be underestimated. 

It was found many suffering with menopausal symptoms were reluctant to approach their GPs due to over-burdening an already busy service and very often felt that they should simply put up with the symptoms they were experiencing.

In a BMS national survey in 2016, 45% of women who needed to take a day off work due to their menopausal symptoms, were reluctant to tell their employer the real reason for their absence.

The BMS considers all women, around the time of their 45th birthday, should be offered the opportunity to attend a health and lifestyle consultation to discuss a personal health plan for the menopause and beyond.

As an experienced and qualified nutritional therapist, Caroline is passionate about sharing her healthy-lifestyle knowledge with others. 

She says: “It seems only natural that true health comes when we feel emotionally, spiritually and physically in balance.”

The 14-day Menopause Programme online support involves:

  • Educational videos to explain why you need to address all functional areas of the body;
  • Live sessions to ask Caroline any questions you may have;
  • Full 14-day recipes, meal plans and even a shopping list with options for vegans and vegetarians, so you have an easy-to-implement eating plan;
  • Symptom checklist to compare ‘before’ and ‘after’;
  • Optional supplement recommendations for additional support;
  • Foods to eat and foods to limit/avoid for those wanting more flexibility;
  • Additional handouts to help you succeed;
  • Group programme in Caroline’s online clinic to share your experiences with one another;
  • Naturopathic lifestyle advice

Qualifying in 2009 with a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy, Caroline set up her own business, Peyton Principles, in 2010. Caroline was also the founder member of the national Naturopathic Nutrition Association, which is one of the professional associations for nutritional therapists and she is still a member today. 

The 14-day Menopause Programme launches on March 28 and costs £35. To sign up for the course, register at:

You can find out more about Caroline and Peyton Principles at:

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