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Halloween Face Painting - Skeleton

Trick-or-treat! If you're looking for a scary classic that's sure to be fun and turn heads, look no further than an Skeleton. Our easy to follow skeleton face painting tutorial will leave you looking and feeling like one of the walking dead.

1) Make sure that your skin is completely clean of makeup and products before you begin applying the face paint. Apply white face paint over the entire face with a sponge, ensuring that you cover right up to the hairline and over lips and eyelids. (Avoid going too close to eyes and mouths if doing this on younger children).

2) Using black paint and a thin brush, gently paint black circles around the eyes and nostrils, using a smaller brush to give a sharp line. 

3) Apply black paint to the cheeks, creating a straight line that goes into the hallows of the face. Using a thin brush, draw the tooth outlines in black, extending out towards the cheeks to create a long creepy grin.

4) To finish add some very thin black lines around the face to give a spooky skeletal effect. Bring the face to life by shading and contouring the natural bone structure of the face; using a watered down version of the black paint for a subtle grey effect. 

Daniel Flay

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