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Three Major Reasons You Should Visit Bath

Everyone always opts for a vacation in the more exotic parts of the world, whether it is Spain, Italy, the Caribbean, or even the USA. But have you ever thought of how a vacation in the UK might pan out, especially when you think about how many historic towns and cities there are dotted across the nation? Well, now is your chance as some of the UK’s major cities are just crying out for visitors, most notably, Bath.

Sample ancient history

But why is Bath such an interesting place to visit? Well, for starters, it plays host to a UNESCO world heritage site and, more importantly, the only UK city with that distinction. With ancient Roman baths nestled nicely in the heart of the city, giving any visitor the chance to step back into Roman times, you can quite literally get a taste of Roman life by tasting the spa water. This is great for history buffs as thousands of people each year flock to the city to experience the spa and utilize it for the city’s raison d’etre, rest, and relaxation. With more than 6 million people visiting the area as recently as 2018, it is clear that it Is one of the UK’s premier tourist hotspots. In fact, more than 1.3 million people visited the Baths themselves in 2019, leaving it firmly established as one of the 35 most popular tourist spots in the UK.

Use it as a base

If you thought Bath was only about the spa, you would be mistaken. Although it isn’t strictly in Bath, it does provide a great base for anyone looking to branch out and explore some of the places around the city. With great road links towards both Stonehenge and Longleat Safari Park, the city of Bath gives people the chance to get to grips with some of the best attractions that Somerset and the south of England have to offer.

With their own football team, it is not like Bath is completely of touch in a sporting sense. You could always take it a match at Bath FC just to sample the atmosphere, whilst there any number of sports you take part in with your friends in the sprawling country around Bath. Browse now for more information. Who knows, when you are done with the sport, you could always follow the city’s film trail and see some of the famous sites that have made it into Hollywood blockbusters.

Historic authors

For those interested in literature, the Jane Austen Centre offers tourists the perfect chance to learn about Bath’s most famous resident. With a waxwork of the author herself taking up residence in the centre, it is possible to have a photo taken while you can also dress up and get an insight into what it was like to live in the era of the Regency. With so much history within the city, it is little surprise that so many of the visitors are from within the UK as they try to learn about their own cultural highlights.

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