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The best homeschooling websites for parents

As all schools and colleges are shut across the UK for an indefinite period of time, This understandably will be a testing time for parents as they try and adapt to the demands of home teaching. That's why we've put together our guide to the best homeschooling websites for parents. Read below to find out more.

Explore at Home from Explore Learning

Explore at Home from Explore Learning

Explore Learning are the UK’s number one private tuition centre providing expert tuition for children aged 4-14 years old. Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, they understand some families and children will be unable to attend their learning centres. 

That’s why they have created their Explore at Home online system, that will enable sessions to take place online, giving children access to their individualised learning programs wherever they are. Their expert tutors will also be on hand to give face-to-face support through online sessions making home-teaching that bit easier for parents. 

Explore at Home will be accessible to learners from next week.

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Twinkl is an online educational publishing house offering the highest-quality teaching and educational materials. Their primary resources cover all stages of child learning including EYFS, KS1, and KS2, along with also providing resources for SEND and EAL. 

You can access a large number of their resources free of charge however for additional resources you do need to sign purchase a membership on a monthly fee. Twinkl have also set up specific Coronavirus school shut down packs to help parents. 

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Dr Frost Maths

Dr Frost Maths is a math specific online teaching platform. All of their resources are completely free for you to download with the platform boasting a range of great resources including teaching packs, videos, and practice exam questions. 

They also have an easy-to-access guide on distance learning that will help parents adapt to home learning during this difficult time. 

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Classroom Secrets

Classroom Secrets are one of the country’s leading online teaching platforms offering fun, interactive, and practical home-learning resources. They have just opened up loads of free resources due to school closures including educational games, video tutorials, and home learning packs. Their courses cover children up to Year 6 and a membership option is available if you wish to access further resources. 

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Open Culture

Open Culture is a free online educational media platform providing thousands of educational movies, audio books, online courses, language lessons and much more. All of their resources are completely free to use. Open Culture is an American website however so be careful what material you are accessing as it may be different from English school teaching. 

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