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Hello everybody. I hope you are all staying safe and well and enjoyed last week's wonderful weather if you were able to.

Well today is my wedding anniversary. No card, no flowers and no fancy restaurant so I took a look back at my photographs from two years ago when we celebrated our Golden Wedding anniversary in Venice on the Orient Express. Thank goodness we got married when we did and not two years later!

What a wonderful evening last Thursday was with the nation clapping for the NHS and Carers. My precious two year old grandaughter Florence joined in with the applause and even though, blessedly, she has no knowledge of what is going on I found it very poignant and I must admit it brought a tear to my eye.

My daughter, Liz Hutchings of Total Guide to, received an email last week from a researcher at a production company. They have been commissioned by Channel 4 to make a programme on the elderly who are self isolating and having read the Blog asked if I would like to take part! I answered in the affirmative and on Wednesday last week had a recorded Skype interview with the researcher. I am not sure whether this will be used but I believe the programme is due to be broadcast mid May; will keep you posted!

I have had a few ups and downs this week as I miss my family so much even though we speak and Skype all the time. I was especially sad for my daughter Liz as her lovely husband Ross has been deployed to help in the crisis. She is being very positive but it is a difficult time for her being pregnant and looking after a toddler and with the aid of her wonderful staff keeping Total Guide to going.

I managed to secure a click and collect from a local farm (Roves Farm) and I just use local shops (not supermarkets) for essentials; so far so good!

I had my dental check up for this week cancelled so let's all keep up the flossing LOL! (I believe there is a song about that - Liz will be able to tell me!)

My knitting is progressing and my son Duncan and daughter in law Fatima have ordered a new jigsaw and a box set of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Well folks that's all for this week.

Stay safe.

Love Patricia Ledger

Are you a fellow 70+ Self Isolating? We'd love to hear how you are getting on and to share with our readers, just comment below with your self isolation tips.


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