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Jodie Fraser

March Talk with Jodie Fraser

It’s March! The first month of Spring, and the month when the clocks go forward. Today is International Women's Day and what better day to talk to South West business owner Jodie Fraser who runs Fraser Allen Estate Management which is a multi award winning property management company specialising in block management. Jodie and her team manage properties across the South West, London and the Midlands.

How is March looking for you in your business? 
March is always the month to finalise any exterior work to be undertaken. We have extensive re-roofing projects being planned for this year, as well as external decoration.  

It’s also the time to start thinking about replanting in our communal grounds so everything looks lovely for our residents ready for spring.  

Are you taking part in any wider events or business collaborations this month? 
We are working on a number of collaborations over the coming months and we’re looking forward to revealing more as the year progresses. 

In the meantime, we will continue to work with our clients and contractors to manage our developments to the best of our ability.  

Will there be any 'awareness' days or 'months' in March which mean something to you?
This month is Endometriosis Awareness Month and this is something that needs to be spoken about more.  

So many women suffer with endometriosis and on average it takes seven years to be diagnosed.  

I have umbilical endometriosis, which is extremely rare. The pain this caused, prior to having my child was excruciating to the point where I found it hard to stand. Since having my daughter, the pain has subsided slightly, but it’s still there.  

It is my aim to speak up about endometriosis and the effect it has on so many in order to raise as much awareness as possible.  

March is Mother’s Day (March 27) is this an important day for your business? 
As a mother myself where Covid19 restrictions have stopped us celebrating for the past few years, I’m really looking forward to spending time with my little girl and my own mother and grandmother.  

Would you like to share your thoughts about your mother, a mother figure in your life or your life with a mother or as a mother? 
My mother is one of the strongest women I know. She does everything for her family and is my grandmother’s main carer as she has dementia.  

I can’t imagine my life without her. Her love and support is unconditional.  

In the yearly cycle of your business – what do you expect during March? 
Property Management is always busy, and different times of the year bring different challenges however preparing for all our external works is our main priority at the moment. 


For more information visit www.fraserallenem.co.uk

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