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Recipe: Yorkshire Puddings

Yes, it may sound like a weird thing to have to guide to. But come on, who doesn't want to nail the art of making the perfect Yorkshire?

The Royal Secret for Yorkshires!

We believe if it has gravy & roasties then a Yorkshire is part of the plate!

They need heat – big heat! They need to be light and taste lovely.

Your list of ingredients:

Your list of ingredients:

1lb plain flour

6 large free-range eggs

Salt & pepper

Beef Dripping:

1 pint whole milk

2 large free-range egg

We add the extra egg whites to gain maximum height.

Mix all ingredients together well with a whisk & put into a jug.

A muffin tin with 12 places is just right for this recipe – put a knob of dripping into each tin, then place into a hot oven (Gas 8). When really hot, after about 10 minutes, carefully remove the tray to a safe place & pour enough mix into each to fill the trays. Pop straight back into the oven & turn it down to Gas 6 ....... pop your oven light on & watch magic!!

After 15 minutes they should be firm enough in stature to hold their shape if turned upside down – take the tray out quickly & carefully & turn each upside down. If they won’t move or stick pop back into the oven for a few more minutes. When all are upside down pop back for 8 minutes to firm up the bases.

Carefully remove from the oven & serve.

Voila! The end to disaterous yorkshire puds!

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