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 15 Summer Recess Activities that Won’t Break the Bank

15 Summer Recess Activities that Won’t Break the Bank

What's there to do in Bath during summer recess? Here’s a list of must-visit sites and entertaining activities that won't break the bank!

Summer’s here and it’s good to have the kids at home, relaxing after a hectic school year. Here’s the catch, though they aren’t likely to relax indoors for too long; you’ll have to find activities to keep them engaged and entertained unless you prefer spending time with restless and bored kids at home! 

In and around Bath, there are plenty of things to do to keep them and yourself occupied whilst having a riot of fun. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 15 summer activities that you can do with your kids without burning a hole through your wallet.

1. Plan a Trip to Bath City Farm

Visiting a farm is always fun – there’s an air of peace about it and of course there are animals to see and feed, and stuff to do. The good news – if you’re from Bath you don’t even have to scout around for a farm to visit; you could just go to Bath City Farm

Bath City Farm is located on a 37-acre plot and has everything your kids could ask for, from a play park and animals to meet right down to a walking trail and café. There are loads of outdoor activities and events for the entire family, which is what makes this park so special.

 2. Check Out the Owls of Minerva

One of the bright spots in and around Bath between June 25th and September 10th each year is the set of giant-sized owl sculptures that are on display. There are 82 owls on display, and they come in all sorts of colors and hues. You can get info about them and their locations at any of the numerous shops across bath. And yes, they have an official Owls of Bath app as well!  

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3. Family Roller Skating

If you or your kids are into roller skating, head out to the Bath Pavilion on a Monday or a Wednesday: that’s where roller skating disco sessions are organized each week. Family sessions are on from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on those 2 days of the week, and there are sessions for adults from 7:30 p.m. 

It’s not just the roller skating disco sessions; there are fun and games that are conducted throughout the session.

 4. Check Out the Two-Tunnels Cycle Path

Cycling buffs – and also those who love walking – can head out with family to the Two-Tunnels cycle path. This is a tunnel with an interactive light and sound show inside.  

Entry is free and for all you trivia buffs out there, you’d be interested to know that at a total length of 1,672 meters or a little over a mile, it’s the longest walking and cycling tunnel in UK and possibly even throughout all of Europe.

 5. Go Bowling, Of Course

For those who love bowling, there’s an opportunity to roll your fingers over at the spanking new eight-lane bowling alley at the Bath Sports and Leisure Center. This is a great place for you and your kids to hang out, and it isn’t too expensive either, with bowling prices starting from just £5.95.  

6. Visit the American Museum

If you’re a history enthusiast and want to know all about the history of the United States of America, you must plan a visit to the American Museum. You can learn all about America, from the settlers right up to the 20th century. 

This is the only Museum of America outside the USA, and it offers loads of activities for you and your family. Highlights include the Hatching the Past exhibition – you get to view dinosaur eggs and nests from across the world, including fossil sites in America. There are real dinosaur bones to view as well. 

7. Check Out The Edge

For today’s children anything that involves new technology is guaranteed to be an instant draw. That’s why you would do well to go and check out The Edge – it’s a multimedia pop-up project located at the University of Bath. 

You and your children can check out the various virtual reality (VR) experiences on offer here. And yes, admission is free! 

8. Take a Walk on the Bristol-Bath Railway Path

If you’re into walking, cycling or trekking, head to the beautiful Bristol-Bath Railway Path. This is an off-road trail that’s 13 miles long and great for walking and cycling especially on a hot summer day, since most of the route is wonderfully shaded. 

9. Visit the Fashion Museum

For those who are into fashion or just love the thought of checking out fashionwear and want to know about the history of it, head to the Fashion Museum in Bath.  

You’ll find an entire collection of historic as well as contemporary dresses and fashionwear here. Not just that, there are events and activities that you and your kids can be part of while there. 

10. Visit the Roman Baths

Bath has a huge amount of history associated with it, and nothing is bigger than the Roman Baths here. These are considered among the biggest religious spas in Britain from the Roman times and have natural thermal springs with hot water in them till today.  

The original Roman pavements are still there for you to walk on, and there’s the Temple of Sulis Minerva to check out as well, among other things. 

11. Explore the Treasure Trails

If you love the spirit of adventure, head out and explore the 3 treasure trails that are there in Bath. There is a route that you can follow and there are quite a few spots to explore. 

A word of caution, though – the trails may not be the easiest for children aged 5 years or younger. 

12. Relax and Have Fun at the Little Theatre Cinema

For an afternoon of fun and good times head out to Little Theatre Cinema with your family and catch up on your child’s favorite movie. And there are loads of goodies to treat them to.  

There are special screenings for toddlers and children, aptly titled Toddler Time and Kids Club, which your children will definitely love. 

13. Learn Art and Craft at The Makery

Holidays are a great time for children to get involved in art and craft as well as other hobby activities. And the best place to do this is The Makery

Head over there with your kids and get them introduced to any one of a large selection of craft workshops. These workshops run all through the summer and are great avenues for learning something new and making new friends in the process. 

14. Enjoy the Challenge of the Bath Escape Room

If you want to get your kids on the path to facing challenges and solving problems, a good way is to give them a feel of the Bath Escape Room or Detective Tour.  

There are 3 new escape rooms here, one of which is a Master room. Try these out to experience an interactive thriller adventure like no other.  

15. Visit the Herschel Museum of Astronomy

One of the most illustrious sons of Bath was the renowned musician and astronomer, William Herschel. This year happens to be his 200th anniversary of his death, and what better way to celebrate his achievements than by visiting the Herschel Museum of Astronomy. 

The museum has information about him and his achievements, and there are summer activities that you can participate in when you’re there. 


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