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Better Bath Sports & Leisure Centre

REVIEW: Family Fun at Better Bath Sports & Leisure Centre

Fun for the whole family (teens too!) all under one roof.

Finding the right day out for the whole family can sometimes be a bit of a headache when you’re trying to cater for young, old and teens too. We asked Nichola West from Globalmouse Travels to get the lowdown on the range of activities at Better Bath Sports and Leisure Centre, where her family discovered there’s something incredible on offer for all ages. 

The Leisure centre which sits alongside the River Avon and is a short stroll from Bath’s iconic Pulteney Bridge and Weir is home to a brilliant array of activities. We kicked off our visit with a family game of bowling in their eight-lane American styled bowling alley. It wasn’t long before we were all bowling with confidence and getting more than a little competitive. It was great to see lots of other families here on other lanes, and my youngest who had never bowled before really enjoyed being able to fully join in and use the bumpers to keep the ball heading for the skittles. There’s plenty of space in the bowling alley for families to sit and watch the game develop and there’s no waiting around either. After our first game we decided we all wanted to play again as my kids had got the hang of the bowling technique and it was so much fun to see my teens really getting into having family fun too.  

Our next stop was the Bath Extreme Trampoline Park which is based in the Leisure centre too. It’s great that all these facilities are all under one roof and it’s so easy to get from one to the other. Once we were all equipped with our trampoline socks and watched the short safety briefing it was straight out into the park which is filled with so many places to bounce, jump and burn off energy.

I loved how the Trampoline and Play Park is divided into different activities from simple trampolining where you can bounce from one place to another, and get the feel for bouncing, to areas where you can play basketball and try to bounce and score a hoop. There’s a ‘dodgeball’ arena where you bounce and try to hit your opponent with sponge balls, a slow spinning arm (which looks like the type of challenge you see on TV shows like Wipeout) and a trapeze style swing into a foam pit. My kids could have stayed here for hours! They adored the chance to get to grips with trampolining and I never realised what a social activity it can be. The Play Park has lots of space to jump, a good number of staff and lots of brilliant activities to keep all ages entertained. 

After our activities we were all feeling the need to grab some food and the Better Bath Sports and Leisure Centre has a great offering of hot and cold food including pizzas, sandwiches and fries at the Better Diner. My kids loved the American style diner booths where we sat and enjoyed the food together and compared notes on who was the better bowler! The centre is a great location for an afternoon of family fun, and kept my kids and teens all thoroughly entertained. It’s the one place they’ve all agreed that they can’t wait to get back to, even if it is to try and beat my winning bowling score.

To find out more or to book please visit their website here.

Written by Nichola West from Globalmouse Travels

Bath Sports and Leisure Centre

Bath Sports and Leisure Centre

Bath Sports and Leisure Centre offers a variety of quality fitness facilities and leisure activities to help you keep active and lead a healthy lifestyle.

North Parade Road, Bath, Somerset, BA2 4ET

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