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5 Myths About Apprenticeships

Are you considering applying for an apprenticeship, or perhaps just want some more clarity on what apprenticeships entails? Well have no fear! In this article we've debunked some of the most common misconceptions about this type of training...

1. They’re only for young people

A common myth is that apprenticeships are only for students and young people. This is NOT true as you can take part in an apprenticeship up until any age providing you are 16 or over and are a UK resident or have lived in the UK for over two years.

Apprenticeships have kept up with the ever-changing education industry and many middle-aged and older people see an apprenticeship as a great way to kick-start a career change and learn new skills.

Learn more about apprenticeships and their requirements here.

2. The pay is rubbish

One of the most frequent myths that is thrown around when it comes to apprenticeships is that the pay is rubbish! This is not true and in many cases, employers will pay more than the National Minimum Apprenticeship wage of £3.90 per hour.

That being said the National Minimum Apprenticeship wage is lower than the standard minimum wage however this is because you are being taught new skills that will eventually see your earning potential increase drastically upon completion of your apprenticeship.

For people aged 19+ that have completed their first year, national minimum wage applies. To find out more about apprenticeship pay click here.

3. The qualifications aren’t as good as University

The University v Apprenticeship argument has been a common theme whenever apprenticeships are mentioned, with the old stigma around apprenticeships being that they were for those who didn’t get into University.

However things have changed and apprenticeships are now seen as a way to get high-end qualifications and workplace experience without being burdened with the financial debt that University often brings with it.

Did you know that some apprenticeships can go all the way up to Level 7 which is the equivalent of a University degree!

View the apprenticeship courses available at Bath College here.

4. All apprenticeship jobs are boring

Apprenticeships used to often mean working in the trade industry which is a great thing if that’s what you're looking to get into, however if you were wanting to pursue a career in another industry then this isn’t what you wanted to hear.

Thankfully nowadays there is a plethora of apprenticeship jobs and courses available including sectors such as Digital Marketing, Accounting, IT, and so much more meaning there is an apprenticeship suitable for everyone.

5. There isn’t enough time to complete off the job training

Because an apprenticeship is made to teach you the skills to then go on to lead a successful career in your desired sector, part of your training will include either working with a college or private training provider as you complete your qualification. 20% of your course will be off the job training but you don’t need to stress about not having time to complete this as well as fulfilling your role because your employer will give you time out of work to complete this allowing you to find the perfect balance.

For things employers need to know about apprenticeships click here.

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